What's Included

Included in your boarding package is the following:

  • Individual private sleeping areas to unwind after a full day of fun.
  • Administration of any medication or supplements you provide.
  • Comfortable bedding to snuggle into at night.
  • Sterile clean bowls for food and water

Food and additional services provided for an extra charge.

We provide a separate quiet area for our Cats and provide climbing areas, toys, soft bedding, and kitty litter.

What to Bring

COPY OF VACCINATION RECORDS​ (We cannot allow any unvaccinated animals into the facility)
​Dogs-Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper​
Cats-Rabies, FVRPC

You are welcome to bring treats from home provided it is in an airtight labeled container.

Please bring pre-bagged and pre-measured food per meal/per pet. If you pet eats twice a day, please bring one bag for each meal.

We will provide pre-bagged meals for $5/per pet.

Please DO NOT BRING large bags of food.

Medication labeled with pets name and clearly written instructions.

You are welcome to bring a small blanket or your dog's favorite toy squeaky toy to comfort him or her. Please bring a bag labeled with your dog's name and your name so we can be sure to return it to you at the end of their stay.

Please do not bring stuffed animals. NO BEDS will be accepted.

Special Needs

We welcome dogs and cats with special needs or that require special care. We are able to administer medications, give injections, feed a raw food or special diet, feed multiple times a day, provide extra comfort during storms and most anything else your pet requires. ​ ​Watch My Wag believes special needs....MAKE US SPECIAL!​  If you have a specific special need please contact our staff so we can work together to give your pet the extra care they require