Do you tell your dog to SIT over and over again? Does your dog SIT for you when you are in a quiet low distraction area and then ignore you when you are back in a real world environment?

Do you find yourself changing everything in your home and schedule to accommodate your dogs quirky needs? Are you still coming home to find your house and/or backyard destroyed?

Does your dog react to minor events in a major way? Does your dog become difficult to manage around other dogs or people. Does the term "impulse control" sound like a concept your dog has never even considered?

Do you feel that you aren't connecting to your dog? Are you wanting to strengthen an existing bond and really experience quality time with your dog?

​​In compliance with LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) training and behavior modification principles, endorsed by the IAABC, APDT, and proven by the most recent scientific studies, Certified Dog Behavior Consultants and Certified Dog Trainers at Watch My Wag will modify undesirable behaviors and strengthen desired responses.

Using specific cues, body positioning, appropriate correction and tons of positive reinforcement you can turn down the constant chatter of “SIT, SIT, SIT” and form a partnership with you furry family member.

Problems that can be addressed by our certified professionals are jumping, pushing, crowding, bolting, and uncontrolled destructive energy.

Training classes and behavior modification plans are designed by an Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and supervised by Certified Dog Trainers committed to LIMA and each dog and handlers individual learning styles.