Grooming Hours

The grooming salon begins services at 10am. We ask that clients drop off between 10-11am. if you wish to speak to the groomer, an earlier drop off is available at no additional fee. Clients have two standard options for scheduling appointments. Drop Off between 7a-9a and Pick Up 2p-4p OR Drop off 9a-11:30a and Pick Up 4p-5:45p. The facility lobby is closed from 12-2pm during the week and 10-2pm on the weekends. Pick up and Drop off services are not available during these hours.

If you wish to have your pet completed before 2pm we offer an express service in which your pet is done start to finish as quickly as they will allow. Most pets are done in 1-2 hours. This service is only available during the week and the pet must be dropped off by 9am. There is a convenience fee of $20 per pet for this service.

Please fill out a grooming reservation form and we will contact you to schedule your grooming appointment and give a beginning quote for services within 24 hours. Please specify preferred method of contact to confirm your reservation.

​Our grooming services are provided by caring professionals. We can perform all the standard breed cuts as well as add something special for fun. Our top priority is your dogs comfort. We DO NOT SEDATE DOGS for any grooming services. However, if your vet has dispensed medication for grooming procedures we will happily schedule your grooming appointment to make sure it coincides with optimal recommended timing. If your pet has anxiety associated with the grooming experience we are happy to go slow, do little bits at a time, and say "that's enough" to ensure your pet begins to make positive associations with being groomed.

Grooms by Gretel Photo 1