Welcome to WATCH MY WAG
offering: Grooming, Boarding, Training, and Day Play


Our grooming services are provided by caring professionals. We can perform all the standard breed cuts as well as add something special for fun. Our top priority is your dogs comfort.

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We are a proud member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association.

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Do you tell your dog to SIT over and over again? Does your dog SIT for you when you are in a quiet low distraction area and then ignore you when you are back in a real world environment?

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Day Play

Properly socialized dogs are less likely to develop behavior problems​ that can include chewing, digging, fear of other dogs and people, and shredding and tearing of non-dog related obje​cts. ​

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Watch My Wag Dogs Together

Each pet who enters our behavior based indoor kennel can expect to receive personalized attentive care. Spacious suites, supervised play, and high quality food is all part of the Watch My Wag experience.

Most of us have busy work schedules. Many times we struggle to find the time to properly exercise with our pets. Day play allows your dog to get daily exercise while you are at work.​