Boarding Fees

Boarding stays include spacious 4x6 rooms with a raised bed, blanket, and individual outside potty time. Day play in a group setting is included for dogs that have been evaluated and approved.

*New pricing effective 01/29/19 (EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS)
Boarding/Overnight Prices
$30 per night per dog*
$15 per night per cat

Additional Fees
-Free Departure Baths after 7 night stay

-Nail Trims
$10 required for nails deemed unsafe in length to ensure the safety of dogs and staff

-Unaltered male or female dogs over 6 months of age
$10 per night additional fee

Additional Services Available

OUT AND ABOUT - $10 per 10 minutes
This service adds additional outside breaks for your dog. During these outs exploration is encouraged. Your dog will be exposed to different substrates and given a long line suitable for extra sniffs, smells and movement!

- $10 per 10 minutes
This service focuses on different types of touch techniques designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Massage may be combined with an enjoyable bathing experience.

WATER PLAY - $20 per 20 minutes
Does your pup love the water? If so, this service is your go to! Staff pulls out the baby pool adds toys and fills it up-let the splashing begin!

With this selection a variety of hot or cold treats are provided to your dog. An example of cold treats would include frozen Kongs or huge frozen ice blocks filled with kibble, rice, plain yogurt or dog treats. Hot treats could include warmed broth or bones, heated blankets, towels, or beds.

TRAINING- varies
Please explore our training page for options and available service