Training Fees

Watch My Wag Training

Group Classes

Obedience - Basic/Intermediate - $250
6 Weeks

Your dog may be a pro at basic commands in the comfort of your living room, but may struggle around other dogs or new people. Or maybe your dog doesn't know basic commands yet but you want to get started. Group obedience classes provide an ideal venue to really solidify obedience training as well as learn new skills.

Trick Training - Basic/Advanced - $250
6 Weeks

Tricks are a fun and stimulating way to teach your dog to love training. Trick training teaches our dogs to get creative and rewards them for trying new things. This class is great for all dogs whether they are obedience pros, or don't know even basic commands yet.

Scent Detection - Introduction - $300
8 Weeks

Any dog can learn how to detect scents! Scent detection is another way to teach your dog new skills. As the handler, you will learn the basics of imprinting scents, developing drive, and how to teach your dog to alert on a scent.


Private Lesson Programs 1 Dog 2nd Dog
Individual Lessons $80 $50
Basic: 4 Lessons $300 $200
Intermediate: 6 Lessons $450 $300
Advanced: 12 Lessons $850 $500
Deluxe: 18 Lessons $1250 $850
Board and Train Programs
2 Weeks (Puppy) $1500 $1000
2 Weeks (Adult) $1300 $950
3 Weeks $1850 $1300
4 Weeks $2300 $1600
Day School Programs (Monday - Friday)
Drop off: 8:00am - 10:00am
Pick-up: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Individual Day $100 $70
5 Day Program $450 $300
10 Day Program $875 $500
15 Day Program $1300 $900
20 Day Program $1700 $1200

The Elite K9 Program - 1 Dog: $2000 - 2nd Dog: $1300
A six month intensive training program where you will learn the traning techniques professional canine trainers and handlers use to teach their dogs new skills. This program will provide you with the knowledge of how to train bais chtrough advanced off-leash obedience and a special skill set of your choice.

Specialty Skills to Choose From:

  • Agility
  • Scent Detection
  • Introduction to Protection Sports
  • Advanced Task Training
  • Advanced Clicker Tricksy
  • And More!