Grooms by Gretel

Gretel Turner
Certified Pet Stylist

Gretel graduated from Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington KY. Nash
is one of the top schools in the nation to attend for Dog grooming. She specializes in pet trims that suit your pets lifestyle from puppies to your senior pet family members. She is owned by 4 dogs and 4 cats which keep her on her toes at home. She is an avid pet lover and dog grooming is her passion. Please take a look at Gretel's grooms in our photos and schedule an appointment with her today.

Wash My Wag
Grooming Salon

Set an appointment with one of our pet stylist that are sure to make your pet family members sparkle from
nose to tail. We offer nail trims to full service grooms to meet your pets needs. All grooms are based on pets needs and condition of coat upon arrival to salon. Let Wash My Wag make your pet look BARKtastic today!

Watch My Wag - Grooms by Gretel